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21 January 2010 @ 08:36 pm
Tips I found :) and commented on...  
1. WATER…I can’t say it enough…WaterWaterWaterWater Water…Any questions?

2. Three words: Crest White Strips. Here’s the deal. You’re supposed to wear these on your upper and lower teeth for 30 minutes each, 2x a day. And you definitely cannot eat while you’ve got these babies on. You can have up to 2 hours a day of literally not being able to eat! If you put them on about 15 minutes before dinner then you can’t eat dinner with your family and they’ll have to let you eat on your own later. It’s perfect!

3. Ride out the hour. When you start to get hungry, just tell yourself that you’ll wait until the end of the hour to eat anything. That way you’ll have time to think about whether or not you really want those calories, and you’ll also feel really powerful since you’ve proved to yourself that you can go for that time without food.

4. Move around. Bounce your feet, wiggle your fingers, every little calorie counts. (Just make sure if your in class where your sitting doesn't make the whole row bounce, it drives me nuts when people jiggle!)

5. Feel your bones. Just wrap your fingers around your wrists or along your collarbone. This will help you realize that you’re making progress and will also deter you from eating because you don’t want to lose those bones, do you? This doesn't help if you don't have bones but if you touch these places it will remind you of how much you still need to work on.

6. Pick a time every night that you will not eat after. Most people recommend that you not eat after 6 pm, but if your family makes you sit down with them at 6:30 or so, this obviously isn’t practical. So choose a time that works for you.

7. Frequent Pro-Ana websites. Do you think you’ll want to eat after reading trigger-happy quotes and looking at skinny models?

8. Keep your wallet at home. If you don’t have money, you can’t buy food. ( This is such a good one! Whenever I have money and I want a certain food it is so easy to buy!)

9. Exercise before you eat. It will give you more time to think over what you really want to eat, and when you do eat you’ll be more comfortable with it since you just burned some calories.

10. Get your sleep. Not sleeping will slow down your metabolism and will make you more likely to over-eat. 11. Buy clothes one size smaller than what you’re currently wearing. Try on these clothes on to keep yourself on track. ( Also, buy a bikini and put it in the kitchen hanging up on the cabinets!)

12. Okay, this is a little different than what other pro-ana sites may say. Instead of lowering the temperature while you sleep, raise the temperature. Sleep in sweats and under all of your covers. You’ll sweat and lose water weight…It’s not “real” weight, but you will feel great when you get a look at the scale after getting out of bed. (I'm not so sure about this one, personally.)

13. Save the money you would spend on food to buy yourself something that you REALLY want!

14. Focus on what you’re eating for the first few bites. After that it gets pretty boring, don’t you think?

15. Work on your posture. When you sit and stand up straight you look taller AND thinner. You also burn more calories.

16. Leave traces of food that you would have eaten. For example, when I was in high school my mom made me eat breakfast. So I would get up a little earlier, go to the kitchen, make some toast, fix some cereal, and get out a yogurt. Toast the bread (leave the toaster out), put crumbs on the plate, pour some cereal and throw it down the garbage disposal, do the same with the yogurt. If the food isn’t there, your parents will think that you ate it! (I don't like to waste food, so I usually get a plate and turn the toaster over and put the crumbs on the plate then leave it in the living room.)

17. If you’re in college, schedule classes around meal times. You can’t eat in class, can you?

18. Do something you enjoy instead of eating. Take a bath, play with a pet, read a book, exercise, do whatever works for you.

19. Peppermints supposedly curb your appetite. But be careful with this…Each peppermint has 20 calories.

Another good one is watching weightloss shows and movies which can be easily found on youtube:)
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